Cast and Characters

Katie L as Cecilia Crane

Race: Human
Home Plane: Innistrad
Class: Sorcerer
Archetype: Grave Sorcerer

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Mana Alignment: Black

Kimbre N as Nymphaea of the Vervain

Race: Wood Elf
Home Plane: Shadowmoor
Class: Druid
Achetype: Circle of the Land, Coasts
Alignment: Neutral Good
Mana Affinity: Blue & Green

Kiyan P as Irshyaa Jalaal

Race: Aetherborn
Home Plane: Kaladesh
Class: Warlock
Archetype: Shared Soul
Alignment: Neutral Good
Mana Affinity: Red & Black

Will C as Llewellyn Coeden

Race: Half-Dryad
Home Plane: Orizon
Class: Swashbuckler
Archetype: Arcane Duelist
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Mana Affinity: Green, Red, White

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